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The Glass Flash Newsletter

NGCA Boys at The Glen by Mike Ennis
Scott Ressler, Joe Horn, and I participated once again in the annual Watkins Glen Zippo Vintage Grand Prix Race Festival Weekend on September 8-10, 2000. Here is a description of some of the activities and events...

2006 C6 First Impressions by Al Engel
Walk up to the locked C-6 with the key fob in you pocket, reach for the door handle, squeeze the electronic handle trigger and instantly, the Vette sends a ‘question’ into the air asking...

Backyard Mechanic Basics for the C5 by Al Engel
I know I’m a little different then a lot of folks… just ask my wife! Most people, when they take delivery of a shiny new craft, go for a drive! I just took delivery of my ’99 C5, ragtop, 6 speed, drove the 5 miles from my friendly, local Chevrolet dealer...

The Glass Flash Newsletter

NGCA Technical Q & A

The following is a series of questions and answers posted by club members in an effort to help share information with each other. Many of the answers are based on the personal opinions of the individual member, and may or may not produce the results desired by the member who posed the question. Therefore the posting of these answers is not an endorsement by NGCA of the opinions expressed therein. We recommend that you conduct further research and consult a qualified GM expert before attempting to perform any of the suggested techniques or procedures listed below.

Winter Storage and High Flow Air Filters

C1-C3 Mechanical Tachs and C5/C6 Manual Shifters

Magnuson Supercharger and Replacement Spare Tire for a '79

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NGCA Members in the News

NGCA members' Corvettes have been featured in popular Corvette enthusiast magazines over the years. Here is a preview of some:

Corvettes for Kids Day at HUMC  June 9, 2004

Protector's Collector  Corvette Fever Magazine, February 1, 2002

Which One's Best? 5 Generation Road Test  Vette Magazine, October 1998

Natural Glass Members in the News

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January 29, 2013

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Natural Glass Corvette Association was built upon a foundation of passion, friendship and family. We remember our past members with dignity and open hearts.

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