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Who is the Best Mechanical Shop for Work we Can't Do, or Don't Want to Do Ourselves?

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Question: Who is the best mechanical shop for work we can't do, or don't want to do ourselves? It doesn't matter what county, but northern NJ is preferable.


I used to have my 65 & then my 67 worked on by Dave Wood who worked at Pinkava's Exxon on Morris Ave in Springfield. I can track down the phone number if it's wanted. He knew all about working on the midyears and I got him a Long Island Corvette catalog so he could get the correct parts.

Answer Submitted by – R.L.

Scott Madsen, Madsen Restorations in Mine Hill, changed the calipers on my car and I was very please with his work. I would recommend his shop to anyone who owns a Corvette.

Answer Submitted by – F.R.

For the past several years I’ve been taking my car to Madsen Restorations. Scott has done a fantastic job on my car and I trust him completely. His work does not come cheap, but the quality you get is well worth the cost.

Answer Submitted by – D.W.D.

I have had occasion to bring my car to Cross Flag Corvette twice (once for elective surgery and once for emergency surgery!). Lou Ventriglia has done a lot of differect repairs on my car including suspension, speedometer and tachometer repair, minor electrical, body repair (fresh air vent) and engine tuning including some repair and adjustment to the carbureter. I also had to have the car flat bedded over to his shop when the shifter got stuck between gates. That was repaired by a very fine gentleman named Mike Ennis (NGCA Member) for $12 worth of parts and 1.5 hours labor!

I have to say that I am very satisfied with the quality of his work and I thought that his prices ($80/hour) were fair, considering he doesn't charge any more for parts than what I would pay to buy them through a catalog vendor like Corvette Central. Most of all, Lou treated my car like it was his own, making repairs dealing with safety and other small adjustments without being asked and often without an extra charge. It's a very comforting thought to know that someone is watching out for your safety when driving around in a 40 year old car!

Answer Submitted by – J.S.

I would recommend Crossflags Corvettes, they have done a very good job on my 1966.

Answer Submitted by – J.L.

I use Milltown Motor Works in Chester. The owner is Bruce Weippert. He's been our family mechanic for nearly 10 years now. He worked on my prior 1989 Corvette and he now does the work on my ZR1. He has quite a customer base of guys with classic cars (Camaro, Firebird, Corvette, and even old AMC muscle cars) who are all very happy with his work. I've always found his work to be top notch and his prices are fair.

Milltown Motor Works
50 Parker Road
Chester, NJ

Answer Submitted by – S.M.

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